Framing Trusses not working with ceiling heights


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Hello! I am trying to build trusses to have a 7.5" overhang with a 4/12 pitch. I am struggling getting them to build correctly. The way I want them to look is picture #3. However, I have to lower my roof plane so much to get the truss to build the way that I want that my exterior wall lowers in height. When I get the roof plane at the correct height then the roof trusses build incorrectly (Picture #2) . Lastly, the framing at the intersections of the walls is showing slanted #1 . The height of my ceiling is 10 feet. Please help I can't understand why this isn't working. 


Thank you!




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You can edit trusses two ways.  Do you know how to edit the truss envelope in section view?  How about editing them member by member in the truss detail?


I don't care about those little spits that happen to them, since I am not designing the trusses.  I am only interested in an accurate 2D planview layout and a CAD section view to show the truss guy the heels and overhangs.

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