Elevations, View 2 CAD or Live ?


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I cut my teeth on X12 and have really not had any additional lines to worry about other than when I have a wall intersection line showing on an elevation - sometimes the OSB or drywall shows a line on the siding.  This is easily cleaned up by backing up the offending wall layer by using the 'Edit Wall Layer Intersections' button.  Other than that, clean as a whistle.

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On 9/23/2022 at 11:34 PM, QualicoreHomes said:

Hmm I'm about halfway I guess, but you must have a VIP membership that you get 20 versions in 15 years and burn through a lot of computers :). 

However, my question is, do you professional Chiefers have the same results with drawing cross sections? I find I'm spending a lot of time editing those and think it will take me another 25+ years to get those so that I don't have to edit a single line when sending them to the layout.  

Very interesting observations with cross sections ? Is X14 still producing too many extra lines for you ? Are you using a back clipped cross section and is that any better in reducing the number of lines that need editing ? 


I would put it in the suggestions, if you and others are getting too many lines with cross sections. As I am mostly retired these days.


I have used Archicad in the past and had zero extra lines with both sections & elevations. Archicad is well supported down under with an Australian library and add ons that make my models and elevations more accurate.


If I lived in the US I wouldn’t need to use Archicad as Chief Architect would be complete enough for me to produce accurate renders and drawings. Even if I had to do more editing on the cross sections. Chief does a great job with cabinets and framing and is easier to use than Archicad is.


Archicad is very good for commercial uses and more free form Architecture to model up more complex geometry. I mainly do residential houses that are not too complex so I didn’t use it to it’s full potential.


Chief Architect is much faster at producing a 3D model provided the home design is not too complex.


Edit: (ie: Slanted walls and more complex geometry for roofs and other elements)


Chief Architect has served my building design needs since 1999. And I am happy that it has improved quite significantly since I started using it. I wouldn’t complain if I had to do a tiny bit of editing on an elevation or cross section now with X10 or later.

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