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Does anyone have a favorite light data setting for their recessed lighting?  I am trying to create a better PBR rendering by changing the light data settings.

Attached is a PBR of what I am working on.  Just not happy with how it is lighting. 

I attached an image of my rendering and light data settings.

Any help is appreciated!


light data render.JPG

light data settings.JPG

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Build a 12 x 12 room, 8 foot ceiling height, draw a cabinet and place it at center, center a recessed light over it, and experiment.  Try different offsets like 2, 3, and 4 inches away for the source, start low at maybe 30 lumens, set the beam spread angle at 120 or 150, no shadows, and the drop off at maybe 50, and then dial down spread, then drop off a little, then up lumens, until you think you have something you like.


Most importantly, observe in your own living spaces that have recessed lights, what is happening with the light.  Take a notepad or a clipboard with a white sheet on it, and move it around at various distances to see what your eyes discern in brightness.  The typical LED spot you buy at Depot or Lowes has a big beamspread even though it is called a spot.  And a sloppy (by that I mean big number) fall off rate.


I need to add the undercab LED strips in this tiny kitchen, but the ceiling cans in the pic have settings you might try.  

Screenshot 2022-09-02 143740.jpg

Screenshot 2022-09-02 143854.jpg

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1 hour ago, sthieldesign said:

Thank you all!  I am trying to create an evening shot. I am just not sure why the light spread starts a third the way down the wall?


It does that because it is set to do that.

An efficient way to get great help would be to post the plan file. Then all these first responders would probably make adjustments to your lights in your model and post the results. It'd be like having a small army of minions add their knowledge to the actual issue instead of all of us merely speculating. And while different people know different things about lighting and rendering, we simply can't recreate all the different aspects that affect your specific scene.

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