Any way to set newel length?


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I have to use Post to Beam wall many times in my area for porches under truss. That process works well overall.


There is a checkbox to set the newel width to match the wall width which works. That results in a square post/newel. In reality, these newels are constructed of CBU, and hence are not square but are rectangle. Any way to do this? I have not found anything anywhere.


Sometimes I get around this by using a CBU wall type with doorways. That works well, but not when the wall lands on a window or door :lol: :blink:, and sometimes it is hard to get the doorway to land well on the wall.

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42 minutes ago, DBCooper said:

You could use a library symbol for your post that is rectangular.  A bit of a pain to get it setup right and would be nice if you could just specify both sizes in the dialog instead.


Yeah, I have employed that technique in the past, putting custom materials on etc..  98% of the time here in FL, it is just CBU and stucco, so it would be most useful. Thanks.

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Share on other sites don't use a railing wall. Just use a Stucco wall, then insert doorways, no jamb, no casing. You should make adjustments to the doorway rough opening need to have a framing added 1" or so when you concrete block with stucco. 


Had to have a beach background for a Florida guy...


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@SNestor I use that way all the time... you are the one who taught it to me :P.  It works great 9 our of 10 times except in the following conditions.... 


1) When the wall intersects a window or doorway. I have not been able to get the doorway to not interfere with the window or door. So I cut to Post2Beam railing and remove the end newels.

2) Sometimes, I get bleed through on the 3D, and no matter how hard I try, I can not seem to get it right in all plans, so I again, cut to Post2Beam railing and remove the newels.

3) Sometimes I have gotten some odd generation and roof connections seem to be problematic, and changing to Post2Beam railing seems to solve it. I have a case into support and no answers yet. Support initially came back and said it was related to the doorway meeting the other walls. I quickly disproved that by eliminating the doorways, still the same odd roof/wall connections. I am pushing to get them to tell me what works and what does not.


I have made my own wall type that represents a CMU/stucco "Post2Beam Header" wall with all the right definition for reality, and then put in the doorways if that works out per number 1/2/3 above, and the wall schedule is correct that way also. All peachy.


If not, I change the same wall to Post2Beam Railing (it still shows up as the right wall type as an object), it solves the problems with 1/2/3, but it screws up the wall schedule. Support has accepted it as a bug. I get around it by using my own CMU/stucco "Post2Beam Header" legend that I overlay on the schedule.


Another BIG advantage of the method you taught me, is you can custom place your newels, or posts, as well as control the length of the post. Versus the Post2Beam railing wall method that only allows the spacing.


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