Seeking California Proficient Draftsperson to Button up Plan Set for Submittal


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As the title states, I'm in need of a competent draftsperson to take my project and package up into a presentable plan set.  Project is for a SFD remodel with minor addition located near the SF Bay Area.  Ideal candidate would have experience in working with building/planing departments in coastal CA and understand the numerous additional requirements they have.  Things such as Title 24 req's, best management practices & CA green language.  


I have a mostly complete .plan that I've created in Chief x13.  Though, my skillset is amateur at best.  So I'd like to bring in a pro to button things up.   

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 6.11.40 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 6.12.32 PM.png

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Hi All

My name is Jonathan Fales and I have been drawing plans and pulling permits all over the California Bay Area for over a decade now. A tremendous amount of my work is done through Via Builders Inc out of Los Altos, CA . Most everything you see on that website had me as the lead draftsman. I have answered comments and argued points with every municipality around. On the side I operate JDFales Plans & Permits where I currently have projects all over the state and even a few out of state jobs from time to time. Aside from traditional residential plans and permits I've traced PDFs, Made 3D models, added notations to already created name it. I can do it. My background before drawing was construction of course. I've been a laborer, carpenter, project manager and now Draftsman. If you need to make sense out of construction jargon from a contractor or technical talk from the city/ county...I'm your translator. Email Me-


-Jonathan Fales

Chief Arch User Since X7

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