X7 Printing Painfully Slow


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The delay happens between clicking the print icon and the preview showing up.  I'll do a quick count for printing a simple floor plan view:

  1. Click print icon: 4 seconds until I get the spinning circle, another 12 seconds staring at the spinning circle until print view shows up, and another 3 seconds until the preview actually shows for a total of 19 seconds until I can print to anything (pdf or printer).
  2. Then I click print on the preview and it's 4 seconds until I get the spinning circle, and another 4 seconds until it prints and I can use chief again.
  3. total time from click print until I can use chief again is 27 seconds.  Sounds short when I think of seconds, but feels like an eternity when I'm putting togehter about 6 sheets at 30 seconds each totalling 3 minutes to put a print job together that should take 30 seconds total.

I get this on my other computer as well.  I have the latest video and print drivers.


Computer specs:

i7 3.5ghz

16 gb Ram

8.1 64bit

GTX760 4gb ram


Open to suggestions for things to try differently to speed this up.   I have changed the printer with no change...not to mention it takes about 10 seconds to open the 'Drawing Sheet Setup' dbx.



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Yes, printing of the typical items are much faster, and no issues.  However, somewhat off topic, would love to see the printing of 'rendering techniques' speed up dramatically.  That is just as painful as the time frames listed above.  Seems like it renders 3 times before it will finally print instead a screen grab which is what 'print image' does, doesn't it?

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