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If you open the arrow and under line weight, its look like at one point it was changed to 30.

The arrow below connected to Rich Text "REPLACE DOOR" is checked "By Layer" at a line weight of 2.


Outside of this, not sure what the source of the problem is especially if it's something that keeps happening.

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Thanks for looking at this.


This plan file creates leaders at 30 with the line weight default unchecked.

I have opened the leaders & checked default to get them to default line weight.

Leaders I create come in at 30 with default unchecked.

I can't figure out why.


If you create a new leader is the default line weight checked?


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6 minutes ago, ACADuser said:

Thanks Michael, great detective work.

I see the border set at 30 which is what I want for borders.

But why is the leader using that number?



It's because the Leader Line tool always obeys the settings for the text object that it is created for.  In the case of Rich Text though, the Border settings are the only place to set line style parameters.

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FWIW, this only happens when a leader line is used to create the rich text. If an arrow is dragged from the rich text after the text is created, the arrow takes the layer line weight.


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