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I just checked and X7 is not in my digital locker and I have current SSA.  Should I just wait or contact Chief ?


As my SSA expires on the 12 Feb as I have mentioned in another post, I felt it very unfair of not having access to X7 because my SSA does not go till the 5th March. Lew suggested calling but as I'm on the other side of the world, I emailed CA. I mentioned that I had been using Chief for 20 years, since V4 but obviously they couldn't care less. So much for customer loyalty. Looks like I'll stay with X6. 

This is their response:


X7 has not been officially released, and will likely not be fully released until March. As such, you will not see the upgrade option in your account unless your SSA expires after March 5, 2015. Since yours expires February 12, that is likely before we will release X7 and you will not have access to the free upgrade without renewing. As soon as you renew your SSA, you will see the upgrade option in your Digital Locker.
Please, let me know if you need clarification on any of this, or if you have additional questions.
Thank you
Kayla Lockhart
Sales & Marketing Representative | Chief Architect® Software
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yes, I now have the X7 beta


contact CA's customer service to discuss




So did Lew get the beta upgrade to X7 option in his digital Locker?

Or did his complaint prompt CA to release the X7 trial early?

Further to my post above, This is from CA Customer Support.


 Lew called and simply renewed his SSA, which did indeed give him access to X7.

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Unfortunately it's a business and all about the bottom line.  In any of my personal interactions with CA over the years, it doesn't matter if you jumped in at X6 or 12 years ago (when I did), you are treated the same......


You would hope there would be some sort of loyalty factor, and in some business there is, but not here (again, based on my own personal experience).


Go Pats!

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