Stair Solution(360 And Greater Spiral Stair) Video By Yusuf


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I did not a first but there was a bar/icon at the bottom of my screen with the option to show all content which I selected and the video appeared.  Something in you settings is not allowing the video to show.  (not forum settings but your security/anti-virus/browser software maybe)

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Hard to see

at 240p

I would prefer HD

I watched on my IPAD and saw end result,  very nice,  but I did not understand how he did it,  I tried watching on my computer and still could not follow.....  Hey Yusef you knucklehead,  get some audio so we can understand what you are doing......  and if you have some funny accent whereas we cannot understand you,  let me know and if you want to do a GOTOMEETING with me,   together we can work it out.


I am dying to see what you figured out.....  I knew you were the smartest guy here except for GW.

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Scott I will try it later.

Now my internet speed is not good.

Thank you very much all.

Doug, thanks too. that is why I always say chief has a lot more hidden powers.


Just let me know,  I may try to do a vid using the YUSUF SPIRAL STAIR method.....  I may even use some audio with an Ethiopian Accent.....  really good stuff Yusuf,  really out of the box.


The key will be figuring out how to control the number of treads and their heights.

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Just thinking about this......  Yusuf set up 3 sets of stairs with 11 treads each = 33 treads.  Maybe I want 24 treads,  okay,  3 sets of stairs with 8 treads each....  doable.


But what if I wanted 22 treads,  now do I use 2 sets of stairs with 11 treads each?  


Suppose I want 17 treads.....  now what is the combination?

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Scott that is cool, I am fixing the formula for the things you raised, I thing it will be based first the angle will be the determinant of the number of threads. Say for example like bills spiral stair in the past talk was 30 degree so 360/30 is 12, so n=12-1=11, his total number of threads were 13.there fore we need two stairs one 11 and the other 2,so after following the method for the lower 11, then snapping the polygon Edges for the rest two will fix it.

Any way I am thinking of trying to lock the thread depth after finishing the full rotation as explained in the video and dragging the the uppermost stair from 1 up to n number of threads, this way I think will solve spiral stair of any angle and any number of threads. So let me try this fixes and we are going to explain the outcome by the Ethiopian accent as you said. That is cool Scott I like it.

Denis thanks I and Scott are preparing our selves to come up with more explanatory videos.

Thanks all for the complement.

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"work-around" implies a temporary solution


something to be used until a permanent solution arrives


if Yusef's method is now "THE" method for doing spiral stairs

and it doesn't use "weird" stuff like cabinet or roofs etc

then it would be a creative solution


a solution that CA should then document in the manual and create an SSA video for etc



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Very groovy!  The hidden powers of CA--operated by creative users unbound by convention--never ceases to amaze.

Jon thanks,we will keep exploiting and sharing ideas. I wish I could attend your workshop and and learn your creative findings on chief.

Hope you will invite me, even though I am too far away.




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Hey Yusuf,  no matter what happens,  I am assuming this needs to be turned into a symbol.....  so if that is the case,  we can always delete surfaces for the treads we need to delete.


So you create 33 treads,  and I only want 29 treads,  I assume I could always delete surfaces of top four treads,  turn into a symbol and I am good to go.


However if you can come up with a solution without having to resort to the delete surfaces method,  that would be better.


I am playing with your method,   I can do it......  I don't know why it works and i don't know how your Ethiopian Brain came up with this solution,  but it is ingenious.

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