Fixture Callout Issue for Dishwashers?


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Had a similar issue with X14 Beta that was a bug, were the fixture labels had to be suppressed for callouts to work.

This plan is using the default X14 template.

The fixture schedule is set to show callouts, everything works except dishwashers.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for help.






schedule .png


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20 minutes ago, 5FT-20Designs said:

What am I missing?


What is it that you want? 


22 minutes ago, 5FT-20Designs said:

everything works except dishwashers.


What's not working?

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Sorry for not making my question clear.  I understand that i can supress the labels and that's what i did on my plan.

Why do I need to suppress the labels when my fixture schedule specifies callout only?

If I select label & callouts or labels only, the display is correct.  But when I select callouts only, the dw label is still visible/

Is this because it is in a cabinet?  Other appliances in a cabinet seem to work

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On 6/29/2022 at 7:48 PM, 5FT-20Designs said:

What am I missing?

I always place these type of appliances as free standing symbols. I prefer the control of having them separate from the cabinet...because they are. For this scenario, you'll need to adjust the symbol's 3d offsets (all to zero). I use a saved customized cabinet for the dishwasher. There are of course, other ways.

Same idea for built-in ovens.




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