Add new layer to wall without moving other foundation walls


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I need to add an extra internal layer to the outer walls of a project that i'm working on - the layer is shown in aqua colour in the attached screenshot.


When I add the new layer (in this case it's moisture resistant plasterboard for a bathroom) it moves the entire outer wall layer further outwards which makes the wall appear out of line as shown in the screenshot.


How can I add the extra layer without causing the original wall layers to move outwards? Everything should remain in line (the grey thick stone wall) and the aqua layer should be added to the internal side without anything moving outwards.


I'm using Chief Architect Premier X13.


Thanks in advance,

Annotation on 2022-06-23 at 20-48-29.png

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Personally, I would just use a "Wall Material Region" (don't cut finsih layers) rather than editing the Wall Type.  That's much simpler.  I'm assuming that the extra layer is juat a backing for tile.  You could make the WMR include both the backer board, thinset and tile.

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3 hours ago, solver said:

And I hope you know that's really easy to realign those walls.

How would I realign the walls? I've tried moving the wall which is appearing out of line with the arrow keys and it won't move.

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