Who is in my class at Chief Academy? Let's connect!


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I'm in Residential Advanced 2.  I know a couple of the users who have signed up for this class - Scott & Jared. 

It will be nice to know who else will be there.  Maybe we can put together a list of things to discuss.

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I'll be in Residential Intermediate. I could probably handle more but, having never been, I wanted to make sure I keep some order to the whole thing and perhaps learn some better ways of doing things (fix bad habits) before moving on.


Looking forward to it.

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I will be there,  this will be great....


I am looking forward to meeting Lori,  Joshua,


and reconnecting with Rene and Mark and


I am really looking forward to thrashing Joe Carrick at Circling Raven Golf Course.....


Joe,  you had better bring your "A" game.  After 24 years of playing golf,  I am now down to a double digit handicap.



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15 minutes ago, Joe_Carrick said:

As opposed to a triple digit? :lol: 

If you can't beat an 80 year old .................:wub:


80 years old!!!!  Holy Cow!  That is the age of my great great granddad.


Do you think you think you will  be still walking for our tee time?


But seriously,  I think you have scored better than I every time we played.......  but it is a new day for me....  I am working hard to get below a double digit handicap.....  





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