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The size of a plan on disk and how fast it draws or how much memory it takes are often not correlated. We don't save the patterns to disk we generate them on the fly when they are needed. Also, certain image file formats, such as JPG or PNG are highly compressed on disk but must be uncompressed when they are drawn so can take up a lot more memory than you would expect.


In this case a pattern, the stone pattern, is accounting for at least several hundred thousand lines that are generated and sent to the video card to display. The video card does a good job of displaying them quickly. However, all the lines are generated, even the ones that are not visible in the scene. The video card is given the job of deciding how to display them.


The pattern spacing is settable in material properties.

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To add to the calculations previously....

Plan making walls correct (lose extra two stone wall layers (incorrect in original)) 1:05 to do full Orthographic (lines at 12" spacing) Almost cuts speed in half

Same as above with 24" spacing 0:33 (half again)

Same as above with 48" spacing 0:17.5 (half again)

So all of these things help make an appreciable difference

This is just a learning exercise, for me, and FYI for others that were not aware, as the OP evidently checked out of the thread.

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Thank you all so very much for spending you time helping me with this. I appreciate all of your input.

This is an existing apartment bldg. The client only wanted to see in 3D what the exterior would look like with a face lift; so, I wasn't focused on the technical details.

Thank you all!


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