Stair miters and grain direction on deck


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I cant for the life of me get the two inside mitered 45 corners to connect the stairs together, or get the small section by the wall to even draw the stairs.  I also cant get the direction of the grain on the deck boards to run the right way.  I tried copy the material and rotate it, but no luck.  The stairs are just pissing me off at this point.  Also why are the treads showing up as a single tread and not 2 deck boards.

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      Is this still the correct answer?    Just to copy and  past the deck post and footers to the stairs and landing and adjust to fit under the stairs and landing.    I’ve watched several hours worth of videos and can’t seem to find the answer but I found this in the search function 
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      Stair snapping around a corner worked flawlessly on the original creation and I used the material eye dropper to match the deck materials and color. (maybe that shouldn't be done or done another way?) When I did that it unsnapped the corners, I thought I would finish with all the steps then resnap them together! Well it doesnt work now and when I used the undo option it removed the colors and materials to original but did not resnap the stairs. I have deleted the stairs and drawn new, however they still will not snap! 
      I also just added a link to a video here so you can see the settings and that they are not snapping together.
      Anyone know what I did wrong and what I can do to fix it? 
      Thanks for your help, have a great day!