Two Story Room Has Interior Wall Surface Issues.


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I know what the problem is (sort of), but I do not know how to fix it. I have tried.  The second floor wall are pony walls and have a roof separating the upper and lower pony wall. The upper is 2x6 exterior and the lower is 2x4 interior and they need to be the same thickness. I  have selected the walls and changed them. They look like they are changing but they do not.


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One problem was that the walls were not aligned from floor to floor. But the one thing that helped was to change the default "exterior" and "Interior" walls to be both the same thickness (2x6 framing) rather than changing the pony wall. After changing the walls to the same thickness, I aligned the second floor walls to the first floor again and the pony wall properly rebuilt according to the default "interior" and "exterior" wall settings.


Solved my own problem.

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