3D Solids & the arrow keys!


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When you rotate a 3D solid in plan view the transform replicate command works as expected to move the object

BUT the arrow keys do not move as expected. They remain orientated to the original position as created.


Tech support confirmed the bug, and may be fixed in a future update.


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I just sent a plan to tech support because the 3d solid object, when I try to copy and rotate it with the rotate handle it would crash Chief. It happened 3 times, then I got this warning.

Now I'm trying to fix it, no luck yet. Have followed chief recommended  procedures, no joy!


Caution to all, don't let it crash more than 1-2 times. Use a different method to achieve your task.


Waiting to hear back from tech.

fault-code-Screenshot 2022-06-01 090451.jpg

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