Can roof framing be raised automatically?


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The structural engineer wants me to raise the roof on my project 12"  The roof framing is already built but does not follow the roof planes up the 12"  I have always just needed to rebuild the roof, is there a way to raise all of the roof framing to match the new roof height.  It sure seems like it ought to be an option.  Thank you

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Watch your step doing this.  I am presuming your engineer wants 12" more heel height for energy reasons.  You get different results raising a truss for which the truss envelope is locked, than for a truss not locked.


And unlocked is the only way the trusses will raise but maintain bottom ceiling chords, so as to get that extra foot for the insulation.


I just did a little test plan, rectangle, hipped roof, manually did the truss framing, did not lock anything, but I DID copy-reflect trusses both ways because of symmetry.  I then selected the four roof planes, raised them 12 inches, and the trusses remained unchanged.


Then I did all layers OFF, turned on only trusses, selected all, and raised them 12".  The results are uneven.  Lots of editing needed.  The trusses did regenerate and gained 12" of headroom for insulation, but some were erased, and others generated where not wanted.

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39 minutes ago, edcsteve said:

The structural engineer wants me to raise the roof on my project 12" 


But why ?  if he is asking for this to allow for more insulation space to meet Code , then he is asking that the Trusses have a HEEL of 12"


this is accomplished by raising the R.Planes and then selecting all the Trusses and rebuilding them....


* :) it seems Gene and I just had the same thought....



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