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My symbols and content thread is being forced into some very unsavory directions..like this:
I update my main thread every time I update my posts..and suddenly I have to remove my tags or forego the edit? WTH.
That thread has brought over 54K views to this site, and a large part of it is because of those tags. Now I will painstakingly go through post by post to disperse the tags.


I just hit an attachment cap for my profile????
Would you rather I just provide links now? I already spent my time re-rigging my recording setup to get under the new 14mb video limit. This is starting to feel a lot like WORK to bring market value to this site with generous doses of user-created content that promotes the brand. Forgive the rant but I am here to help the brand, and though I appreciate the community here, my main purpose for logging in his helping people to love and enjoy this software. My hands are being tied when I have to manage my input.
I don't mind sifting through my old posts now and taking my time to delete valuable videos and images so that I can contribute more, but I would at least hope for a better and more automated system to do so.


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Hey Rene, I feel your frustration but wonder if this is the best place to express it or, hopefully find a resolution? I think your good intentions are running up against forum software limits that the software simply wasn't designed to handle. Your abilities and helpful content are just too much for it to deal with as you've illustrated. At the risk of being genuinely unhelpful I wonder if a chat with the good folks at Chief might clear things up as your content and helpful posts clearly benefit Chief. Keep us posted if you don't mind.

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