Drywall Ends On Framed Walls


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I am missing something probably very simple, but if anyone can set me straight I would appreciate it very much. I have a kitchen that I have build a breakfast seating on the back side of some cabinetry using a half wall and adjusted my height to 40.5" so my countertop would finish at 42" elev. I first used a regular wall and adjusted the height from my wall elevations but it left me with a void in my ceiling finishing. when using the half wall I can not seem to figure out why it does not finish the end of the wall with drywall, the plan view shows it to have the drywall but when viewing it in the render it is not showing, leaving the framing exposed only on the end. One other thing is that the wall it ties into perpendicular which is a full height wall to the ceiling is also affected by this in the same nature. Now there are is a walkway to the left of the half wall that I used a room divider to separate the kitchen from the dining room and where the half wall ties into the full wall there is also another room divider that id being used to divide the dining room and living room apart from each other. I added this bit of information just incase the room divider was causing this issue. I have removed the room dividers and it made no difference however.


Ted Antrim

American Finishers, Inc.




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You could also try playing with the 'Edit Wall Layer Intersections' tool.


It allows you to 'drag' the sheetrock around the unfinished part of the wall.  I've not had 100% success with it though.


You can get to it by right-clicking on the wall.

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