Attic walls keep generating in front of an exterior wall


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Working on a story and a half condition and attic walls keep generating in front of the exterior retaining wall in creating strange artifacts.


 I've deleted the attic walls a few times but they just keep regenerating. And overall I'd like to know why so I don't face these issues in the future. I tried the training video but they don't seem to be having this issue


existing-dormer-fix (1).plan

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is your intent to have wood walls below the terrain?  



if I change your wall type to concrete for the garage and this wall, then it works correctly. 



I then created a pony wall for that wall and moved the roof plane to cut the stucco:



shows correct in floor overview


but not in perspective,  the attic wall is still there. if you toggle it off it will not show


btw your closet elevation does not match the adjacent room



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but it is also not modelled correctly between the two floors there is a gap in the concrete now, presumably for the sill plate. so not sure this is the best solution.


If I just  set the wall to "Roof cuts wall at bottom" it also works



but the overview still shows off,


but the attic wall is still there becuase if I toggle it off it no longer shows



so not sure how to get rid of it I suppose you could assign that attic wall to a different layer and not show it, but probably not tte best solution



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Thanks for your help.


Did not pay attention to the wood underneath the grade. Just trying to get the model to look right at this point we're not doing any work in the garage area. Did not understand the instructions about the pony wall and changing the wall type. I changed the wall type then tried the pony wall did not work for me.


 Not sure why is this happening

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you might want to send it to tech support. The fact that the concrete wall works, and the wood wall does not seems odd, even when I cut the stucco with the roof plane, it still draws a thin attic wall. and I aligned the wood wall to the outside so i think it should have worked


The pony wall idea did not really help (it is the same outcome as the other solution).


so if you set the wall to "Roof cuts wall at bottom" and perhaps move the roof plane in, you should get the last output above


but if you want ot play with the pony wall




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