Large Water Supply Pipe


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13 minutes ago, Joe_Carrick said:

IAE, That's being used as an exhaust vent from the Tankless Water Heater.  It isn't a Water Supply Pipe.  

Is there really a reason you need to include it it the model?


Maybe just so there is something to put some dimensions on so that the hole does not get cut in the wrong place next time.  See photo above.

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I would probably just use a 3D molding polyline (as suggested by Ryan) with a round molding profile set to the size of the pipe. 


I think it will give you a much more realistic model and it will allow you to more easily do things like accurately design the vent with the proper slope to meet code.  Plus learning how to use the 3D molding polyline might come in very handy for other situations, like with other HVAC or plumbing.


exhaust vent.png

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