Is there a way to import default pricing for building materials in Chief?


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Hello All,


Does anyone know of a way to import a price list for basic building materials in Chief?  Or even better is anyone aware of perhaps a service that allows you to purchase a rough price list for your region of the country, and import that?


I'm using X13, and everything I search for on the topic seems to come up empty.  It seems like Chief can produce a list of materials, but it then wants you to enter the pricing information manually after it's been generated... that seems like a lot of work, especially because the materials list doesn't auto-update, and has to be re-generated with every plan change.


There is a materials "Master List", but again it seems to come from a post plan-specific materials list generation.


Granted customer-specific choices for things like appliances or fixtures would be unique to a specific plan, but anything that's a commodity... framing lumber, plywood, cement, etc... seems one could at least get a rough SWAG of the cost of, say, framing materials by importing a default price list for your area of the country and then pushing the Generate Materials List button.


Any thoughts are appreciated.  Fyi I'm planning to load X14 Beta this weekend, if by chance they've magically added that feature in X14...






Very familiar with CAD in the large but a relative newbie with Chief


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No , this is not a feature of Chief, never has been.


The Master List can do some of it but it would be a slow process I think and the way Prices swing these days,

you'd need to be changing it weekly.



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