Any known issues using X14 in a Windows 11 environment?


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I had enormous issues using X13 in a Windows 11 operating environment when they both came out. So much so, that I reverted back to Windows 10.


Since then, I have been using X14 Beta with Windows 10, and I do not have any issues. I'd like to start using Windows 11 again because I like the enviromment for many of the other tasks that I do. 


Are there any known issues using X14 in a Windows 14 operating environment that Chief users are experiencing?


My system is running a NVIDIA RTX-3090 graphics card, and all the other specs for the computer exceed the recommended requirements from Chief.


I'd appreciate any feedback that I can get.  

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           Probably because x-13 was crap although Win. 11 wasn't the problem I had with x-13. It just wasn't ready for prime time.



            On x14 now and no problems that I see with Win. 11.


          Have a great day, Ken

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