Cabinet crown molding overlapping on the top in perspective floor overview


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My X13 interiors is up to date-- Build: 23.4.0 1230SX and my Mac is up to date with the latest software.


I have had this happen so often over the years, but have just ignored it.  I have time today to attempt to solve it, but had no luck researching on Chief Architect web site or here in Chief Talk.  

I experience this when I do what I call a doll house view (perspective overview camera) and you see the cabinetry from above.  


The crown is rendered correctly in elevations and in the room camera view.

Here is what I double check every time:

All of the cabinets are snapped to the wall.  There are no cabinets overlapping each other on the actual plan and the crown molding is my default molding that I use in the majority of my projects. The finished floor to the top is 93" on all of the cabinets.  


Solutions I have tried:

I have made the cabinets smaller in width and then returned them to the correct width.  I have used the arrow key to move them a few inches out from the wall and then back in.  I have exited the camera view and then opened a new one and it is still the same issue.


Is this a bug?  Is there a solution?



Thank you so much.  Seems I have been very active lately and everyone has been so helpful with some of the issues I have had.

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 11.09.41 AM.png

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Often I use Build, Trim, Molding line (I have a hotkey set for that). IT prevents what you are seeing and allows you to vary the overhang on the sides of cabinets better. I also have a macro that determines the number of pieces to order based on length supplied with an allowance for waste. I set the macro in the label most of the time though currently looking at another place for it.

Few shots and your plan back image.thumb.png.28a54b4c83c1fdefd9ed7ec3361a5c2b.png

Draw one line longer than you need so it's easy to find and set the height-add molding to it.



Then grab the end of the line and go around letting it snap to the cabinets as you shape it. Once done IF you need to adjust the overhang on sides select the edge and subtract(or add) to  the temporary dimension. then done.


Molding on

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Mark, thank you.  I have been attempting this on my own and it did not work.  I then opened your plan and copied it and pasted in place into my remodel plan for the client and it is not working for me.  I don't expect you to attempt to teach me this and will need to look for videos and other sources on Chief to learn.


I will copy and paste the cabinet though into my remodel plan.  Thank you so much.  Sharon

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4 minutes ago, Designers_Edge said:

So I had no idea that a paint color would cause crown molding to be crazy


Its not so much that the paint color is causing the craziness.  The paint color is just causing a subtle difference in the moldings.  Since the moldings are different, they won't join.  The difference could be molding size, height, offset, profile, etc.  In this case, it just happened to be a difference that was especially difficult to spot.  To fix the issue in your particular case, I would just Merge those 2 materials. 

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