Sharing my library content :) (X13)


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Hi all!


I'd like to share some of my library content that I feel may be useful for others. These pieces are a mixed bag - some original work, but many are chief pieces that I modified or conveniently grouped. I  plan to add more from my collection over time. Please feel free to use/edit/adapt as you see fit!






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  • tinadelllic changed the title to Sharing my library content :) (X13)

Thank you! Much appreciated and I'll keep that offer in mind :)


20 hours ago, CARU26 said:

Thank you Tina, I see you work with electrical can I do any electrical symbol in CAD if you need something special let me know


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1 hour ago, meba1113 said:


Anyway that I can see what the details looks like.

We down leveled our version of CA to X12, I am unable to open your block.


Please and thank you...

No, I'm sorry but that would be a considerable amount of additional work. 

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detail - stucco system assembly 1" foam wbs panel.calibz


Here's a detail with a bit more pizazz I made for stucco siding (Western 1-Kote).


stucco system per the following:

Hot Arid climate (ARIZONA)

2x4 wood framed wall @ 16" o.c.

3/8" solid wood-based sheathing

1" EPS foam (continuous insulation)


There's a PDF for whoever asked to view outside the .calibz file :)

stucco detail with foam panel.pdf

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