Unable To Import Dwg. Due To Unrecognisable Font


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Hi Guys 


New problem i have recieved CAD files, (DWG.) unfortunately its has chinese font so it wont import because the characters come up as question marks   01????.dwg , how can i add fonts to my library to make these documents readable. 


This is a huge problem because most of the contractors i work with are asian and if i can open their files Im a little stuffed


please help 

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Enable double byte characters at the OS level.




Good to know Jon thanks , this is what I found:


Configuring Windows to use double-byte languages.

Configure Windows for double-byte character support

To configure Windows for double-byte character support:


1.    From the Start menu, select Control Panel, Regional and Language Options.

2.    From the drop-down menu in the Regional Options tab, select the language you would like Windows to support, and click Apply.

3.    In the Languages tab, select Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai), or Install files for East Asian languages, depending on the language you would like Windows to support.

4.    Click Apply, OK.

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