Sloped Material Regions on a sloped foundation, is it possible?


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I'm building a curbless walk-in shower with a slope.  I've tried the following, but I'm stuck.


I had to create an invisible wall on the shower to get CA to recognize it as a separate room.  Then, in that room, I subtracted 3/4" from the foundation elevation to create a sunken shower.  From a side profile, I drew a polyline solid and then extruded it to the shower width, so now I have a ramp.  


In my bathroom, I've created material regions on the floor for the varying tile patterns.  The ramp needs to have a material region applied to it so I can put the tile/thinset on top of the ramp.  Can this be done without drawing another polyline solid on top of the ramp for each layer of material?

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29 minutes ago, DIYJon said:

Can this be done without drawing another polyline solid on top of the ramp for each layer of material?

You could use a moulding polyline. You can have as many of them stacked, each with their own material and all in one molding polyline. 

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1 hour ago, DIYJon said:


Over time i believe that most of us have adopted the “get off of the island” mentality of pushing past real world conditions and sticking to illustrations that convey intent. 
yes I would like a sloped floor tool, but all of the various contractors I know don’t need a detail about sloping a floor as it’s uninteresting and wastes all of our time.

That being said, there are a million ways to get this done in an efficient manner. Moldings as someone suggested, solids, converting your layer stack to a symbol and pitching, including your drain(might as well make a dual drain overflow detail while you’re at it).

Your post seems to indicate a few things to me and if I can preface by stating that I want to help and give you some hidden gems if I can, take my tone as cheerful please :) 

If it seems cumbersome to draw out a few more solids instead of using a material región tool maybe you are missing out on a few edit tool functions.

you can convert a solid to a symbol and rotate it in your symbol designation

you can multiple copy and move in the z axis all from plan view

and my personal favorite approach

you can explode your first solid which you already made and multiple copy the top face from plan view and move it in the z axis to match your assembly


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