Lovely Chief just wiped out my User Library :( ......... grrrrrrrrrr


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Just another warning for those who have NOT backed up their User Libraries at all, or recently,
as I have seen numerous reports of this , and it finally happened to me....

PSA : backup you User Library Folder Now !  found here :


C:\Documents\Chief Architect Premier X13 Data\Database Libraries


you can copy and paste the file back into the folder then change the extension to .bac to do this simply.

but would suggest a more proactive automatic solution long term like SyncBackFree.   V. is the latest as of posting...
No Error message, no nothing.... I went to put in some Rollout shelves into a cabinet  and my User Library was empty !
I checked the Database Libraries Folder and sure enough my User Library file is 81kb ....
thankfully I had a Macrium backup from 2 days ago and a Syncback one from 3 days ago
or I would be really pissed off, years of making and collecting gone.
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11 minutes ago, Renerabbitt said:

I personally have mine in onedrive, which has versioning/historical data. no issues having it in the cloud if thats a nice solve for you. Sorry to hear about it, thats frustrating



Thanks, but hopefully that is not the only place you have it..... and I assume you have the PAID OneDrive if you have History and Versioning , which many won't, but as with all backup solutions redundancy is critical. ie at least 2 backs plus the Cloud.....





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4 minutes ago, HumbleChief said:

This good advice is only really heeded or applied once disaster has struck. Begs the question, "What happened?" .. and Why?


True some have to learn the Hard Way :) ........


Thankfully I had my backups , so just lost my time which seems to be the usual case with CA snafu's.


As to the 2nd part  --- No Idea , i started Chief like normal to do a quick Redline Fix and didn't notice anything askew until I navigated out to the User Library for my usual Rollout Shelf and the User Library was empty.... Why CA suddenly decided the Library needed replacing with the default File I have no idea, but have seen it reported a lot with x13 , a lot more than x12 , so thought I'd just put it out there as a reminder to Others.



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Another strategy that seems to work OK (for me at least) for backups is Carbonite. It's maybe $55 a year and I've used it maybe 3 times in the many years I've had it but those 3 times have been absolute life savers. 


I also just remembered that I took my Database folder out of my DropBox and have it solely on the computer HD. Might rethink that given Mick's experience..

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56 minutes ago, Ed_Orum said:

I use the export library feature, and export it to a folder on my hard drive, which in turn is automatically backed up to Dropbox.  Plus two other hard drives.  Seems to work ok.


I am personally not a fan of this method as all of my assets are pulling from a particular material and model folder which is shared across multiple machines and are used in several other 3d softwares. If I want to update a material I simply replace the root file.
With this method, your assets are repackaged as a calibz file instead of a calib and the assets are pooled and stored in your data folder, no longer linked to source material files of your choosing. 
Just thought I would put it out there.



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I am a fairly new user and this just happened to me.  I had a corrupt file that 'yes' I did open it.  It was some time, now library is missing.  I read about backing up.  ok, will do this moving forward, however I do I resolve this issue?  Help!

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