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Hello all! I am a CA X13 Premier user. I have a client that is looking to add a detail similar to what's shown in the middle gable just above the second floor windows. I attached a pic. Does anybody know a good way of showing this, so it looks close in 3D? Not only does it angle out in the middle, but it also slopes up on an angle. It's almost like a roof pitch, but I've tried my darndest to make it work with roof planes but have not succeeded yet. Thanks in advance for all the help.

Gable Detail 01.jpg

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20 hours ago, robdyck said:

Polyline solid (draw right or left half only) drawn in plan view. Edit shape in elevation view to match roof. Edit Shape in section view by pulling the top inwards. Copy, reflecting about center of roof ridge.

A little tricky Robert but as an exercise I got it done with your direction. Well done.


Plan attached.



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Thank you all for the help on this!!! I greatly appreciate it! Larry, thank you for the attachments as well. They came in handy. I definitely struggled a bit with this one, but I think I got it worked out.  Thought I would share the result.

Elev 1.jpg

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