Deck Rail Offset Option


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Many times, deck designs need newel posts which are mounted to the exterior face of the Rim joist.


My details show this. I cannot create my deck plan this way though.


I'd like the option to offset the entire rail system, not just the newels.


This is, more often than not, the method which I use for my deck rails.


I have suggested this in the past, but am unaware of any resolution.


Has anyone come up with an easy work-around? Ideas?




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Railing Down over the Front of Deck Platform

Build the deck to the correct size and draw a railing and make the railing Invisible.

Draw another rail outside the deck and configure it how you want (no shoe, etc) and make it No Room Definition.

In elevation, select the rail, uncheck railing to make it a plain wall (this allows you to drag the bottom of the wall down over the deck edge).

Drag the bottom of the wall/railing down past the deck, re-check to make it a rail again.

Making it from a railing allows you to modify balusters, newels, spacings, heights, handrail, etc

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