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Hello : )


Looking for a bit of feedback how everyone has their wall layers setup.  I noticed chief had the OSB as an exterior layer and not flush with the foundation.  We always flush our rim board up with our foundation and then the exterior of the 2x6 wall sheathing frames flush to the exterior of the rim board.  This allows us to have everything in line when we transition from a wood wall down to an ICF raised foundation.  When I set my walls up like this in Chief it makes for some pretty interesting wall measurements on the interior.   Does everyone just round the interior wall numbers up to the nearest 1/2"?


Thanks for your feedback in advance 

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 4.42.11 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 4.49.38 PM.png

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Every region is a little different but the majority of what I see has the sheathing layer overlapping the rim joist.  But that is generally with a cmu or pc stem wall.  ICF comes from different manufacturers some of whom will actually place a nailing plate into the outer layers of the ICF for the sheathing to nail into as well.


But it all depends on how you want the wall to build.  Even with the sheathing in the exterior layer which I think the grand majority do have it there, you can change to which layer the platform and dimensions go to under the wall settings portion of that same dbx.

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Hey there KJ,


Because most ICF blocks are not a nominal width, some of your interior dims are going to be "interesting" for sure.  I am assuming the interior will be wooden framed, so most will still be on the nom. side.   


As far as the alignment of both wall types, one thing to keep in mind, your going to have to center your stud over the concrete part of the ICF block, as it shows now, a good chunk of your frames wall is over the insulation.  Second, what are the plans for the exterior of the ICF above grade, or are you just going to leave the foam insulation exposed?  Thirdly, does 3/8" OSB really exist.?  Something I've never saw before.  Just asking for my own sakes.   


Check out Nudura or Fox websites I linked here.  Lots of great example, and details-- esp. Nudura (whom I have used)




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