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Thankful for the experienced users who might be willing to look at this file and troubleshoot for me. I have an exterior wall that is visible in all plan views and 3D perspectives, but not in any framing views. When selected, in working plan view for example, the wall dialog indicates that it is, indeed present and a 6" continuous insulated wall. I deleted and rebuilt the framing. I tried using auto rebuild and turning it off; still no framing appears. I've spent hours playing with it, and am at a loss. It is very likely user error, but I can't find it to save my life.

With gratitude for the time taken from your busy schedules!


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Here is a trouble shooting tip:

Group select an object you know is correct and an object of the sam type that is causing problems, ie, 2 walls.

Open their dbx and have a look at all the options.

All the settings that are the same for the 2 objects will display either the correct value, check mark or name.

Those settings that are different for the 2 objects will be either greyed out or have a horizontal check mark.

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Thank you again. If possible, I'm hoping for another assist. I'm 24 hours behind my print deadline, so the stress is probably blinding me from seeing the obvious. I seem to have one last issue with a ceiling or roof plane clipping the corners of 2 walls on the top floor (walls 4 & 11). The other rooms are fine. I compared the dialog box settings and see no differences. I read the support doc explaining the resolution, but I don't see an overlapping roof or ceiling plane in my view. I also confirmed ceiling/floor dimensions from room to room; all the same.


I am learning so very much. What a great community!

framing issue.png


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