Please Take Over My Client in Menlo Park CA


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Hello folks.


I have a client with a second story addition design which is 80% complete.  However, I have to find someone to take over this job due to health reasons.  I can not continue to work.  My clients are wonderful people and I owe them the due diligence to find a local CA user in the San Francisco Bay Area to use the body of work work already completed on CA.


If you are interested, contact me and we can discuss the details.


I hope someone responds with interest,  I would hate to have them start all over again with someone in a .DWG environment.  They are big fans of the CA s/w, modeling, rendering, etc.




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16 hours ago, Kbird1 said:

Two I can think of but may not be available in the Bay Area are 






and  Rene




6 hours ago, rgardner said:

Those are two very good suggestions.  I believe that Melissa Nunes (not sure what her CT handle is) is also in that area as well as Alan Lehman @Gawdzira

Richard is retired. old fart that he is

@MKBDesign I believe is Melissa, awesome designer
@Gawdzira Is down in Carmel and an absolute +1
@DzinEye is over in San Lorenzo
And I'm happy to take on additional projects as well or give more resources in the Bay Area.

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3 hours ago, Renerabbitt said:


Richard is retired. old fart that he is


I'd like to think of it more as "semi-retired" just to leave the door open. But it's true I'm not taking on any more work. However, I do know other architects in the immediate area, if Chief does not have to be a criterion. If you haven't done a second-story project in Menlo Park before, well, you are in for one of Dante's circles of hell. If you think you can just design and draw a second-story addition --- mwahahaha. There will be months of a design review process before you can even submit for a permit, and the CD's will be brutal. I just finished a kitchen remodel in Menlo Park as one of my last projects. I moved the door (2'-8" wide) from the garage to the kitchen 3' over on the same wall and had to do a structural calc for the new header. Not a single square foot added, but had to do a full-house lateral calc to justify the remaining walls at a new french door to the exterior in the same location as a window. (The new door was 1' wider than the window.) Sorry, but my body is starting to involuntarily twitch thinking about it. 

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Thanks Rene,
Yes...I primarily work between Redwood City and Los Gatos, with a little in the east bay... but I'm not able to take on new work as I try to clean my slate for my own impending medical down-time.  PKD... and I'm a lucky man that my wife is a match, so transplant in the next few months with six weeks of down-time afterward.
Christina Girard was mentioned, and I have noted she's working on the peninsula as well.

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Hi Rod,

Sorry to hear of your medical down time.

I don't post often. I have been a user since ART.

If no one steps forward let me know and I will see about taking it on.

I am a residential draftsman and have taken over projects in the past at the request of my preferred structural engineer.

I am extremely busy but I have been in your shoes.

If I were to take it on as mentioned  above I have a structural engineer I prefer to use who would be the licensed professional. 

If Menlo Park for some reason would require an Architect's license due to the scope (I don't know why but the Silicon Valley Cities are what they are) I have a go to as well.



Warlick Consultants

Los Gatos

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just saw my name mentioned... I haven't checked Chieftalk for a little while as I have had a hopefully temporary vision issue with one eye, so I'm not committing to any new work at this time.  In any case, I only do preliminary design and 3D visualizations, not contract documents.  Hope you are able to find someone. 



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