Ways to import model into 3D Viewer iOS App

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I'm new to CA and recently i hired architect to complete the drawings for me. He sent me the *.PLAN file. I'm strugling to find a way to import it into my iOS App. There is option to import by link or Dropbox. I put the *.PLAN file into my OneDrive or Dropbox I got the link and pasted into my app to import it but got error couldn't read ZIP file. Is that really that complicated, the only way is to open the *.PLAN file in full version of CA and export it as 3D viewer and it can only be done to CA Online account? When i did it i got message about license required...


Was really hoping i can just import the *.PLAN file to my app or at least export the 3D View to local file than move that file to OneDrive or Dropbox to import the model into my app. 

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The 3D Viewer app does not open plan files only 3D Viewer models exported from a plan file by someone with an account



There is a client viewer you can get that will open plan files. But that only runs on a computer not a phone or tablet and check system requirements.


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I have the App on my iPad, i'm trying to Import the model file not the *.PLAN file which is only for the full Desktop version - i got that. 


Talking to Chief Architect Support there are two options. One through the link from someone that has the full version, Cloud Account and all the good stuff and other option to actually export the Collada file *.DAE extension. I put the file on both OneDrive and Drop box and shared the link with myself went to the App >Import Model > Enter Link and got the two errors. 

Interesting thing is that i got it to work once with some test.dae file but now it doesn't work. 



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