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Attempting to move from Archicad to Chief Architect X6. This is a very strange new world. We've been working on the guide house for two days, and have been getting this error message when attempting to construct the stairwell from first to second floor:


"Could not connect new stairwell railings to some of the existing walls or ceilings, so could not make the "open below" stairwell room. If you connect these railings to the appropriate walls you can then make the new room yourself".


I found this problem in only one posting anywhere (, but this doesn't really answer the cause or offer a solution I understand.


Attaching the plan and screen shot...


Any help appreciated!


post-3518-0-53290300-1418430636_thumb.jpgUser Guide Plan 1 REV.plan

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I assume you are selecting the stair on level 1 and then using the Auto Stairwell tool and then getting this message?


That tool is designed to build the level 2 walls to form the stairwell.

You already have the walls in place on level 2 to form the stairwell, so no need to use that tool.

Go up to level 2 and double click in the stairwell area.

Define that room a Open Below.

This will remove the floor and allow you to see the stair below on level 1.


You will notice that after you nominate the stairwell area on level 2 as Open Below, go back down to level 1 and select the stair, you no longer get the Auto Stairwell icon on the Edit tollbar - because you now have a properly defined stairwell.

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Thank you for this, but . . .


When I attempted to run "auto stairwell", there were no such walls upstairs, the auto stairwell created them, and then expired with the error message as noted.  It worked one time, and I've re-started this project about 6 times, all with the same results.  What I'm truly interested in is what was wrong before running auto stairwell....





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