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I need some input on why a wall elevation will not display.  Per the plan view, Elevation 24 cuts off 4"+ above the floor.  I've deleted and tried to do a new elevation but it does the same thing.  Both cross section and elevation views show the correct view.  Am I missing something?



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24 minutes ago, DRyeHD said:

Elevation 24

There are only 2 section cameras in the plan you loaded.
Possible you adjusted the section lines, a new feature of X-13. Select your bounding section lines and move in elevation. (Make sure "clip to room" and "clip elevation" is unchecked in your CS-DBX)

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As you mention, I did not save all camera views (even the wall elevation that does not generate correctly).  I'm using the wall elevation camera and the bounding section lines end at the walls on each side of the room.  I'm not sure what you mean by "move in elevation".  I've adjusted the camera forward, back, left and right...no change in the elevation view.

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I was able to adjust specification settings (unchecked "clip to room" and changed "top clip elevation") and get the elevation that I was looking for.  This is the only wall elevation out of about 15 that did not generate correctly.  Any ideas why?


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4 hours ago, DRyeHD said:

Any ideas why?

Yes, you have a pony wall which was enabled by selecting the section-box "Lower Wall Type if Split by Butting Roof" in the Roof Panel of your exterior walls dbx.
The pony wall is full contained in the room, so the Wall Elevation Tool clips the elevation to the lower pony wall. By removing the pony wall, the Wall Elevation corrects itself. There are some other issues in this plan as well, though I didn't spend much time looking into them. Hope that helps.
Your pony wall is shown highlighted


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