Seeking a Chief pro in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


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Hello all -- I am looking for an expert user to help me complete a design and produce a set of construction-ready plans.  The floor plan and basic elevations are done -- but I'm stuck on roofs and stairs, and would really love to hand this over to a pro finish it off. 


 I'm located near Coeur d'Alene (home of Chief Architect!) and would really prefer to work with someone locally.  Referrals would be GREATLY appreciated!

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hello, I am not a local but i wold love to help with your projects

I have a height level experience with chief architect

please contact me via email: 738281957_1250-NW-Remarkable-Dr-Bendrender2back.thumb.jpg.e28814ab6f5921d24148123862efb0c9.jpg439419477_3dvillage.thumb.jpg.351b7e9649ccae0e5052a8eb91ee427b.jpg16_11.thumb.jpg.b35fece977177606a36df26adc94a981.jpg882685132_liverpoolbasmentfloorrender-Copy.thumb.jpg.26dc2dfcaddc867a9235b8f9a73e02a5.jpg400348388_liverpoolfirstfloor-Copy.thumb.jpg.d17a16d9aa886cd3907a121bcacfe991.jpg1250542557_Moderntirana.thumb.jpeg.80ff493d3cbd711b637dc3045f4194cf.jpeggarry.thumb.jpg.187ac9483c38059324fbe4b22dd94918.jpg110101.thumb.png.2121b7303dc0b77deee5cfda0095970d.png1468033502_newfront.thumb.jpg.00d9e848179599d91e78211fe01d9df2.jpg111111111.thumb.jpg.ba22b4dc47a32d2e98528b7fd7a2054c.jpg

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