Best approach for drawing a simple "teahouse" style shed


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53 minutes ago, mgianzero said:


Darn - I like seeing how others do things by playing around with their plans.  But CA is funny if you don't start with a clean template, you end up with all sorts of other unneeded info in your files.


So I guess your saying it's better to define a single layer wall type with T&G panels and then you can insert any style window.  But then manually add the perimeter framing around each 4 foot wide T&G panel set, correct? 

Sorry I usually do those plans in a stripped down template but had a slip in memory and did it in my regular template.  Time is valuable right now.


the method you described at the end (above) is basically it and can be done very quickly with the right tools.

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2 hours ago, glennw said:

If you make a wall No Room Definition, you can drag it into the same location as another wall.

If you delete the No Room Definition, the wall will replace the original wall.


Very interesting.  I did not know that.


Thanks Glenn!

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So I finally got pretty much what I was looking for for those that would like to see. 



I took some ideas from various people (thank you for your help).  However, I ended up not creating two sets of walls using the "no room definition" attribute.  Rather, I stuck to using railings but found out how to paste doors inside of a railings.


It looks mostly what I was looking for, although I could't get the front doors to work since it would change even the lower panels to windows.  Also, the underside of the deck is not exact but close - planking direction inside house is wrong and underside beam supports are not correct.  But it's good enough for my demonstration purposes.


Here are the plans for anyone who wishes to see.




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