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I'm new to chief architect and I'm having trouble with this tricky sloped wall. For some reason this weird cut out that reflects the shape of the stair railings is showing up on the ceiling. If anyone has recommendations on how to fix this please share! Thanks


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    • By GMcGee
      Anyone have any good tips / solutions for showing a dropped ceiling plan?  I have a 12ft framed structure.  Structure built to accommodate desired roof plan, want to drop ceilings in west wing of the house to 10ft.  Did this in the structure tab using an insulation airgap and then built a framing layer.  Auto-Built the framing, made my ceiling height at 12ft.  I obviously don't need 2 sets of framing either as shown in the structure tab.  Thanks!  I did actually get this to work in the foyer in this plan.  Not working on the rest of the house...


      WEST_roof_gm_2023_04_25_from archive, framing

    • By Designer100
      This is just a remodeling above garage. But client is concerned about right side of the house elevation. Wants it to scale. The 2nd floor area see attached .
      I have been trying for 2 days to get the 2nd floor plate line to work and windows on that side of the house to match the 88kb pic with windows at 7' header and eave drops down below window header.
      I would appreciate any help in getting this project to look like the pic. I need to draw the roof (2nd floor on that side of the house0 with the 8 ft. ceiling 12 " in sloped and the plate at that part of the house at 7'4" with roof dropping down by window. I am not getting paid for this issue, just the remodeling part (But I need the right side to look and be to scale for the client, even though it is not part of the remodeling). This is in Chief 14 ver.
      I need the semiarch dormers to match.

      2ND FLOOR PLAN PLATE LINE ISSUES 03.26.2023.pdf window issues 03.26.2023.pdf 606 Rebecca Pines Court, Bunker
    • By JKEdmo
      Can Chief build a stair rail volute automatically?

      Thanks again,
    • By kathleenjennison
      I'm working on a lobby space and the first floor will only show the curved stairs.  I can't seem to get the landing and stairs from the second floor to show on the first floor. 
      Any one know how to get the landing and stairs to show?

    • By marlem2000
      I'm working with ceiliing planes but I need to make a hole to set the curtains and I don't know how to do it. I have tryed to make the hole with a polyline and, then,  turn it into a "hole in ceiling platform". Have tryed with the "hole in the roof" too but I can't manage to get what I'm looking for. In fact, I don't know if I need to work on the roof of the room or in the floor of the room above.
      The right thing would be to make the hole  all around the room (on the ceiling plane, of course). I think it would look more aesthetic.
      Many thanks in advance!