Wall above roof line


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40 minutes ago, Chopsaw said:

It looks to me as though  "Lower Wall Type if Split by Butting Roof"  would be the correct setting.   


38 minutes ago, javatom said:

This might do the trick as Chopsaw indicated.



That didn't work. Not sure what do do next. Just making things worse

Here is the plan file if anyone would like to take a crack at it. I don't do two stories to often.House 1.zip


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45 minutes ago, solver said:

Make the upper part of the porch a 2nd floor Open Below room.


So it helped in some areas but it has cause several other problems on the inside and outside. It seems like it just shouldn't be this complicated.


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So I tried the open below and that did not work well, so I made the two side walls "Pony" walls and everything came together except for the wall that the double doors are on along with the window above it. I want about 8" in between the top of the door and the window.
Here are some pics with my problem areas and the plan file.


House 3.zip








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2 hours ago, DRAWZILLA said:

I would have just made the entry a room and set the ceiling height all the way up to what you need there.

Thank you Perry!
That's exactly what I did and the pony walls corrected the problem I was having with the two side walls above and below the roof line.
Not sure why I'm having a problem with the wall that the entry door is on though?

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