Is this a suitable laptop for Chief Architect?


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Hello, I need to purchase a new laptop that will run Chief Architect x12. I came across the MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 and thought it seems like a reasonable price for the specs. I am curious if anyone has experience with this laptop or a similar model. It's been a while since I purchased a laptop. I'm not very familiar with how NVMe hard drives work as opposed to a SSD+HDD setup. 


Here is a link to the Amazon product listing >


I realize the topic of "what computer to buy" comes up frequently here so no need to remind me of that. 

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    • By Katy_DDR
      Hello all,
      I need a new laptop much sooner than later.  I've been researching and looking at all the options and frankly it's all starting to look the same.  I know some brands are 'better' than others, but does it just come down to whether you prefer Chevy or Ford?  What do I stay away from?  I'm finding a 17" w/i7-10th gen and RTX 2070 Max that costs less than a 15.3" w/seemingly the same specs.  I'd like to keep the cost under $1500 but can flex some; I need it to last a few years.  Any advice for the weary and decision-frozen?
      Thank you for your thoughts,
    • By DKArchitect
      Hello- I'm looking to purchase a new laptop which I use for modeling w/ a 2nd screen. For meetings, I unplug and take it with me- so prefer a 17" monitor. I don't render images much at this point, but may begin to if the computer is capable. Any input regarding Intel i7 vs. i9 vs other processors would be much appreciated, as well for graphics card and RAM, for a max $2000 budget.
    • By cvillberg
      I am a kitchen designer and an Interior Designer and crafter.
      I really want a light weight touch screen (with pen) that can work the graphics on CA and keep up.
      I'd really like to keep the price below $1200 if possible.
      I look and look and look and the minimum for Chief vs recommend is confusing to me.
      I find 2 in 1 laptops that with black friday fall in the price range but then I'm not sure if I have to have a dedicated graphics card.
      I know gaming computers work but I don't want a heavy hot machine when i"ll do more tablet work than drawing all day long.
      I do have a gaming desktop so can do my initial designs on there but once with the architects and builders I'd like to move things around in
      CA on the tablet/laptop.
      Anyone have a machine they like and can recommend.
      Thanks in advance.
    • By marie-eve
      I have a MacBook Pro but can’t use my ex10 version on it it crash all the time, I would like to buy a new laptop for version x12 any suggestion for a long road ?
      I know the MacBook Pro next generation will be out of only next year... 
    • By StructEng58
      Good day all, 
      I am currently looking at buying a new computer and I am very heavily leaning on purchasing a MacBook Pro 16", which will give me everything to run Chief Architect. I have a MacBook that I bought in 2009 and it is still running strong, but it is not upgradable to the new Mac OS and I can't run X12. Right now I am running a Windows10 desktop, but really want one computer for work and other things. On my current setup I am running dual monitors with a TV attached for when I meet with customers. 
      I am looking for a dock for the MacBook Pro, which will allow me to connect up to four (4) monitors. This is so I can attach the two monitors I have along with the TV. In the near future I would like to add a third monitor for doing my structural calculations and such while in Chief. I have found this one linked below, but was wondering if anyone else is using a similar setup or if this will cause problems with Chief?
      Targus Quad Docking Station
      Thank you in advance,