Boxed out exterior wall for windows - Looking for help to resolve some issues


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Jeff Ollis here.  I am working a house plan and am doing something a little different with the front of the house so it does not look plain.  What I am going for is something similar to this (or picture attached):



I am wanting to push out a section of the exterior wall, about 10-12 inches, to break up the full wall of brick.  Thinking of a painted LP Smartside material.  Then this section of the wall, like pictured, would hold the windows.  Unlike the picture however, I want the pushed out section of the wall to go all the way down to the ground.  I do want it to stop just above the windows, like the picture, and not all the way up the gable.  However, when I pull the wall down from the gable, it completely messes up my second floor and leaves an opening.  Pictured below (or attached):




I'm not too far along on the plan, but I have been fighting this one detail and how to handle it.  I would appreciate any help or advice that anyone has to offer.  The plan itself is attached.


The CA plan can be found using this google drive link (wasn't sure how else to share it due to the file size being over 2 MB):


Thank you,
Jeff S. Ollis

CA Premier X12

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Have your tried putting a shed room over this bump out?  It will have its own roof plane.  I wouldn't pull the wall down either, let it ride free.  When you set a roof plane, right above the windows (as you mentioned), the walls will come down on their own.       



BTW, cannot open that path.  But that's ok, I don't need the file.  

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