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Hi all


I have a query as to best work around for a simple detail I want behind a free standing bath.  Essentially I want a half wall/pony wall behind the bath at a lower height.  I tried to use a half wall without a cap and it prevents the existing wall behind it being edited.


I wanted the half wall so I could show it as framing, but it interferes.  The issues I have are;

  1. If I remove the casing then the rough in opening is showing
  2. I cannot edit the wall around the window eg to apply color
  3. The intersection of the low wall is causing framing to show in the corner instead of sheetrock
  4. The top of the half wall is showing framing (I guess I could have left the cap and colored it to match?)


I know if I used a PS it would be sweet, but don't want to if possible.  Can anyone advise a better way that still allows me to show framing?


Thank you

Screenshot 2021-04-16 17.29.05.png

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Use a cap at 1/16 or less, wall as partition, furred, no locate. window  double wall options "not through"


You may find if you edit the height after it is placed that the wall cap floats above it. The way around is to turn ON newels, adjust the heights of those, then drag the wall up to meet the cap, then turn off newels

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Hi Mark


Thanks for that.  I tried this but something in my settings is preventing this from working or I don't understand what you mean by wall as a partition?  Am I using a different wall than half wall?


Thank you

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