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I am trying to resize a tile from a small subway to a 12 x 24 but I don't see where you can resize a tile.  There is a slide bar for Tile 1 Material Scale but sliding it does not change the size. Any suggestions?

Screenshot 2021-03-16 190503.jpg

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Just learning the software myself but I am not sure you define the actual size in Substance.  I would try the 2:1 Large Tile "Shape" then in Chief assign the dimensions of 48" x 48".   I think that should work fine for a white subway tile.  If you have a random pattern or texture just use the regular 2:1 Tile setting @ 192" 



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I did do a nice tile in SP using the 2:1 Large Tile then exported and added to CA but when I opened the new material in CA and adjusted the texture size, it did make the tile larger to the 12 x 24 I needed but it also made the grout lines huge.  In SP I had them set to 1/8" but the final edit in CA they were probably 1"+  Also there is a pattern repeat so not a seamless texture.


Beforfe Texture Ratio Edit.jpg

After Texture Ratio Edit.jpg

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Hey Rob,


-To get your tile as the correct size (12" x 24" per tile) you need to count the number of tiles in the image.  Large 2:1 shows 2 tile across and 4 tall, so 24"x2 across = 48" and 12" per tile tall, 4x12" = 48", so your scale in Chief will be 48x48.


-Grout lines can be controlled with the "grout width" slider under grout controls but if it still looks to large when you get it in Chief, you'll need to bump up the resolution in substance player ("Output size" at the top) this will give you more pixels to work with so the SP can make the grout smaller. 


-If your tile isn't seamless, usually the offset slider is the culprit.  I can't see what your offset is so I can't be sure but the 2:1 large was seamless at .5 offset, so maybe your offset is off by one tile length?  let me know if this wasn't it.  Could be a couple different things.


Let me know if you hit any more snags.





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Hi Dustin,

Just taking first steps in learning Tile Builder and would like to follow up on your reply above. So I in my case I have a 6"x12" tile in 2:1 pattern and would like to end up in CA with 1/16" grout width.


My Tile Builder settings are:

Output size 4096 x 4096

Shape 2:1

Offset 0.500

Grout width 1

Material: "Image Input"

Material size 100.00


At that pixel size, the texture display shows 2 full tiles horizontally and something less than 1.5 tiles vertically. At this point I am confused with these questions:

1. Am I to assume that the maps displayed are for 2 tiles horizontally and 1.5 vertically?

2. If so, then in CA the scale would be 24"x9"? If I wished to be more accurate, would the CA scale be 24-1/16" x 9-1/16" based on the number of joints shown in the texture display.

3. How would the grout width of 1 in Tile Builder actually scale in CA? Is there a pixel scale corresponding to the settings 1 through 3?


Any insight that would help better understand how and when to use Tile Builder would be greatly appreciated.



Achilles Vassilicos

Patina Interior Design

Chief Architect Premier X12-X14



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Hey Achilles, lets see if I can follow...


1. The maps export out of Substance Player 8 Tiles Horizontally and 16 Vertically, changing the tile layouts will change the tile counts.  You can view the maps on export to count the tiles, we'll need to know the tile counts to get the correct scale in Chief.

2. If your desired tile size is 12" Horizontal x 6" Vertical and your tile count is 8 Horizontal x 16 Vertical then your scale in Chief will be 96"x96" (8 Tiles @ 12" each = 96" and 16 Tiles @ 6" each = 96")

3. Sadly, no there isn't a 1:1 correlation on the grout size value to a definitive measurement.  I'm still hoping to find a solution on that since the tools I use to make these builders aren't using real world dimensions, and usually go off of percentages or pixels.  The grout thickness says "1" but it's an arbitrary value, nothing ties it to an actual size since these builders can be scaled in Chief to any size.  Same with the roughness and hue/saturation/lightness sliders, it's just a percentage represented from 0 to 1, under the hood it's just changing masks from black to white but in the case of the grout thickness, it's going from 100% to 300% of the lines default thickness.  You'll just have to eyeball it based off a refence image.


Also, if I was super clever and the tools allowed it, changing the grout thickness SHOULD move your tiles around on the image since real world grout doesn't make the tiles surface area smaller like it currently does with this tool, but alas either I, the tools, or both aren't quite that clever yet.  Someday though, someday.


Let me know if these answers solve your issues or if I am way off base.

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