How do I model a segmented boundary wall?

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Hi all


I'm trying to model or create a 3d of a boundary wall I designed some years ago as shown in the image.


Essentially it is s series of block/masonry pillars with a stone tile inset to the face.  The span section is a low block/masonry wall with iron railing of polished and black flat bar and round rod.


I'm looking to build this into a project with quite a long boundary and wanted to know if there is any better way than modeling the entire column, span and iron work section in Polyline solids then just multiple copying?



Screenshot 2021-02-04 00.24.02.png

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You should be able to model one column and save it as a millwork symbol.   Then model one span and save it also as a millwork symbol and then apply both of them to a fence as panels and Newel Posts.  It will follow your terrain. Save it all to the library as a wall any use it any time.

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