Door and window mulling


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It's pretty much trial and error.  I would do it as follows:

  1. Make sure the two side-lights are exactly the same height as the door
  2. Mull those three together - maybe without casings
  3. Make sure the transom is exactly the same width as the result from step 2
  4. Mull those two together - again, maybe without casings
  5. Add Casings to the final mulled unit

Basically, I don't like the way Chief handles mulled units with casing on individual parts.  I find it's usually better to just add the casings, etc to the final mulled object.

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Did you got to the "Casing" section? (3rd choice on the menu on the left side of the DBX)



Another thought, if this is a mulled unit (Architectural Block), you may need to ungroup it and select the door individually.

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