Need Help Understanding Ceiling Plane Dbx


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This is an exercise so I can learn. I've drawn a simple box - put a roof on on it (trusses, no birdsmouth, 24" raised heel) - stuck in two sloped ceiling planes. I want the top inside edge of the ceiling plane (the drywall) to begin at the wall plate height - but I cannot figure out the Ceiling Plane dbx. I've consulted the Reference Manual, I think I've done all it requires, but I still can't get the ceiling planes to behave the way I expect. I'm sure it's a matter of ignorance with some aspect of the setup.


I've drawn the ceiling planes over the walls.

I've locked the pitch and set the Inside Bottom Height to the wall plate height (9' 1-1/8").

Still no joy.




Also, I must uncheck Ceiling Over This Room in the Room dbx for my manual roof planes to work. When I do this, CA builds the exterior wall up to the underside of the roof deck. Other than manually adjusting the wall height in elevation, is there a way to force CA to draw my walls the actual height that I have specified in the Structure tab of the Room dbx?


Ceiling Problem.plan

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Okay, I figured out my problem. I've discovered that Ceiling Planes, like Roof Planes, use a "baseline", and it's critical that I locate the "baseline" over the outside face of the wall main layer. When I do this, the parameters I set in the Ceiling Plane dbx work as I expect them to.

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