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Good evening fellow CA'ers


How can I get the layout page number (main drawing index) to show my actual page number like A-1, P-1, etc.. and not just 1, 2, 3, etc? Is there a macro that can be put into the pages label to do this?


I'm working in X9. As always any help would be appreciated...

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Hello Eric. Its good to hear from you again. I hope all's well.


I did a search prior to posting as well as read the x9 help button and search the CA web site. My forums search only turned up 5 results which gave me some ideas.


I did resolve my issue. In the Layout Page Table box by turning on all the columns there it was under label. 


I appreciate your tip though. As allways Thank You

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If you do a search for NCS United States National CAD Standard-V6 it should get you to a site with 4 pages of information regarding, in part, the layout page naming industry standards.


On the second page under Level 1 Discipline Designations it provides a list of categories and its letter designation.


Regarding, what I think your question was, for A-1 ect.. you would put A-# in the Layout, or whatever designation is appropriate.. 


Hope this is helpful.

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