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I think this is what you are looking for


This can be set in the default dbx change the default ceiling plate for exterior walls to the beam size.  You can make the wall so that the main part of the wall is invisible, air for example.


Just a bit of a quick work around that I came up with between clients today.


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22 hours ago, greglocke said:

Thanks Doug_N. that did it.  Any thought on how I make the height of rafter tails all the same?  At the trusses I'm using 11.25" members and the rafters are 9.25".  I'd like them all to be 9.25"


Your trusses aren't really Trusses, ( in a Chief Sense) so probably best to delete those 6 Rafters and make them from P.Solids so you can trim the rafter Tails to match the the 2x10 rafters. they can be copied to other locations or even converted to a symbol and saved to the library as well for reuse.


Not sure why you aren't using the autobuild Roof option and have the roof turned on in the room then the rafters will sit directly on the Beams automatically  ( set Room height same as top of Beam height)


( the notch is controlled by the Trim to Soffit setting and subfascia height set eg 2x6 or whatever is set in the Roof DBX)



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23 hours ago, greglocke said:

Thanks Doug_N. that did it.  Any thought on how I make the height of rafter tails all the same?  At the trusses I'm using 11.25" members and the rafters are 9.25".  I'd like them all to be 9.25"

As Kbird said the trusses aren't really CA trusses, you have made them yourself.  So you could take the top cord,copy and paste in place, Then shorten the bottom end one of the copies to end just short of the birdsmouth  Shorten the top end of the second copy to the same place and then change the depth of that part to match the rafters.  Kbirds method is a bit more elegant though.  438152694_RaferTails-Copy.thumb.jpg.5364247f212fb35b965a9b2c1bfa5254.jpg

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All great ideas, thank you!


The birdsmouth issue seemed to clear itself up, but has returned and completely frustrating me.  I had built the model with invisible walls originally thinking that would help maintain some sort of structure height.  One bearing side has the birdsmouth setting properly on top of the beam, while the other has it lifted off a good 5".  When I look at properties for each of the bearing walls the "top of plate" height is different on each but I can't figure out how to adjust it.  I've deleted and redone the ceiling plane and it shows the ceiling height  matching the top of beam elevation but nothing seems to bring the one side down to bear on the beam.  It feels like a combination of things that are conflicting but I cannot sort it out.  Any help would be much appreciated.


Pavillion Timber.plan

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