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I have never needed terrain B4 since always dealt with flat lots. Now I have jumped right to extreme. A mountain hillside. I have more or less figured out how to model a 25' steep slope site except for the "building pad". In real life a roughly 75x90' flat pad was "bulldozed" out of the hillside by pushing ALL the "fill" forward across the hill leaving a huge pile of dirt off to one side. 

Thought it would be easy to use Ter. Modifier "Flat Reg. cut/fill" tool to replicate this. 

It appears that CA always "bulldozes" 1/2 of the dirt UP the hill and 1/2 of dirt downhill. The downhill "pile of dirt" creates a very steep 45-50' slope on the edge that then joins the hills 25' slope. 

IF I could just push the flat region strait back into the hillside and not have the pile of dirt on edge on down slope it would be perfect. 

Am I using the wrong modifier or ? ALSO - since the pad is not a perfect rectangle I thought converting it to a spline would make it more realistic. However that seems to create more problems like tiny "valleys" in the "fill dirt piles"!  I have tired adding a few terrain point at -12" and they help mellow out the "tiny valleys" but not enough! 

Like I don't struggle enough with CA. Terrain making me feel pretty stupid!  Seems like "less is more" since at first I tried to place Terrain Splines as if they were Topo Contour Lines. CA created some really exciting "rock climbs"! 

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